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A creative soul with dyslexia is not the kind of person you expect to become an academic and an author, yet that is exactly who I am. Raised with a love of books, I struggled to read as a child and am now passionate about the human right to read. I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine, Stonecoast MFA program, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Anthropology (focus in Archaeology) with a minor in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona.
Books are my life and education is my passion. I am currently looking to applying for PhD programs in English and querying representation for young adult fairy tale retelling, The Princess and the Skinshifter.

My academic work includes feminist critiques of popular fantasy novels, analyses of fairy tale retellings compared to their source material, and gender theory through the lens of structural analysis. Subscribe to hear when and where I'll be presenting next!

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The Princess and the Skinshifter


A princess in her year of coming out, Adelina must come up with a plan that will get her out of a marriage to a manipulative monster. 
You think you've heard the tale of the Frog Prince, but you've never heard this legend behind the fairy story. Fall into the world of Marchenwelt--an alternate ancient Bavaria where fairy tales actually happened, just not as you have heard them. When Adelina, a headstrong princess, agrees to let skinshifter, Haakon, live in the royal palace, it is up to her to find out his plan and save her kingdom. Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling. 14 and up.

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Write On: A Blog


Wherein I share my thoughts on books, media, and life from a writer's perspective. For all prospective writers and beautiful creatives, I hope these thoughts can assist you on your endeavors. Check out what's going on in my mind and then Write On!

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