The Unexpected Problem of Federal Student Loans

This week I am going to talk about something I find highly embarrassing, but which too many of us deal with to ignore. Student Loans. *runs for cover, hides in the bushes, pushes out Spicer, who is fed on by ravenous FedLoan servicers* What is so embarrassing about something 44.2 million Americans are struggling with every month? We aren't supposed to talk about this $1.31 trillion dollars of debt we collectively have, but we're also not supposed to demand socialized higher education (which would allow everyone in society to pay for higher education in smaller amounts over their lifetimes and have equal opportunity to achieve their academic and career dreams). Instead, we suffer under intere

How to Write a Feminist Climactic Scene

I have recently been involved in feminist critiques of children's and young adult novels, where it is far too easy to point out what is wrong or failing to live up to the standards of today. When you think of a climactic scene in particular, what do you usually picture? The hero saves the heroine from mortal peril (like most every superhero movie pre-Avengers)? The woman dies to strike an emotional blow for the male protagonist? Or even the patriarchy attempting to crush a female protagonist, but she triumphs because she is just oh-so-different from all the other women? (Photo from Galesmind Blog, accompanying poem "Damsel in Distress--or Devil In Disguise?") These are not feminist climactic

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