The Fear of Being Average

Growing up, you are constantly told how special you are, how you can do anything, be anything, and possibly touch the moon if you jump high enough. In high school, you are encouraged to find the thing you like/are good at and pursue it. In college, you develop expertise in that area until you are sure in your young, confident brain, that you now Know Everything. You're ready to go out an conquer the world, like your mom always told you that you could! Then you get to the job market, and your dreams screech to a halt. Due to long life expectancy and better health care, most people continue to live and work into their 60s and 70s, which means that when bouncing baby college students enter the

How to be The Witch

When most people think of a witch, they imagine wicked old witches who eat children and put curses on people. A witch is the shadow across a moon, the evil in a stranger, and the threat of what happens to women if they become too full of their own power. In recent years, witches have started changing into something else. The image of mindless evil from Wizard of Oz has been transformed into a heartbreaking love story in Wicked. The word "witch" in stories no longer even indicates an old woman, with powerful and kind witches populating the world of Harry Potter (now in our public consciousness for 20 years!). So while some people might still think of a witch as this: Many of us now also imagi

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