How to Change Your Life in 5 Key Areas

In the last few years, I have made many huge changes in my life. Some of them were difficult, but some we far worse agonizing over the decision rather than just doing them. In this blog post, I would like to share the wisdom I have learned these last few years to help others who are looking to make changes in their lives. It's often easier than you think! And you'll be much happier once you take the plunge. How to... 1. Get rid of bad influences. Maybe it's a friend who is constantly pulling you down. Maybe it's a coworker who makes fun of you any chance they get. For me, it was a narcissistic boyfriend who didn't respect me. This influence was toxic and damaging on my life and took a long t

Get Obsessed with Your Story

It is difficult to know when to put off laundry one more day so that you can get that chapter down that's been rattling around inside yo

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